Rewind and replay.

Go back to the roots of the Internet: decentralised, self-maintained and self-healing. No policies, no political correctness and no overwhelming commercial interest.

Own your data again. Take it back from Facebook or Google, Microsoft or Apple. Take it back from the government.

Distributed across many nodes, resilient to server failures, agencies peeking, unsolicited censorship - we go all the way back to what Internet used to mean.

We are working on a technology stack, enabling re-decentralisation of the Internet. We build humane, adaptive and affective computing environment. Yours, again.

We call it Metta.

Circles of Trust and Attention

Heads or tails, attention or trust.

There's so much noise in the world, we're broke on our attention. We have none left. Good thing the unlimited credit line is open for trust, right? Never mind the fine print.

We gave all our trust (and then some) to the wrong people. We are now locked in a status quo with most private parts of our lives used for profit, to maximise shareholders returns - or worse.

Big fish with long tails of our content in behemoth datacenters. Suggested pages, products, places and friends.

Living a suggested life.

Metta out

You still can be what you choose to be.

Egocentric internet is not technically worse to what we have now - and the upsides are huge:

Built on top of conventional Internet, building from within it, Metta strives to build The Net of the future.

Join Metta development

It won't get any better - unless we work it to be. You can observe the trend, the way things are going: corporate and government control over your data and over your life are not going away anytime soon.

Metta works right now.

Join us on github. Bring in your ideas and thoughts, help us re-decentralise the internet, take our data back, break out from all forms of control by design. Be free!